PS Plus September 2020 Free Games

PS Plus September 2020 free games have been announced. Check ’em out below!

Street Fighter V

PS Plus September 2020 Free Games Street Fighter V

“Prepare once again for the fight of your life as the legendary Street Fighter series returns for another bone-crunching tournament. Ryu, Chun-Li and other fan favorite characters return to battle it out on the global stage. Master special moves and rise through the tournament rounds, then take the fight online and slug it out to see who really is the world’s greatest warrior.”

“Experience the intensity of head-to-head battles with Street Fighter® V! Choose from 16 iconic characters, then battle against friends online or offline with a robust variety of match options.”


PS Plus September 2020 Free Games PUBG

“Begin with nothing and develop into a powerful soldier as you explore, loot and gear up for intense combat across a variety of maps featuring different environments that require new survival and combat tactics. Uncover a wide variety of weapons and armor for an authentic and visceral combat experience. Spawn into the world alone and rely on your own tactics and skills or team up with up to 3 other players in duos or squads to increase your chance of survival.”

There you have it. PS Plus September 2020 Free Games lineup looks pretty solid. Enjoy!

Street Fighter V and PUBG will be available Tuesday, September 1 to download from the PlayStation Store. Both games will be available until October 5. Don’t forget to download your August Free Games before they’re gone!

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