Nintendo No E3

Nintendon’t Wanna Attend E3

It’s only been one day and already everyone knows about, and has given their two cents on Nintendo skipping E3 2013. Well I’m no different. So get your cup of coffee, your bagel, your bran muffin, or bowl of Fruit Loops, and read on to digest my take on this turn of events.

Let’s cut straight to it, “Nintendo….WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!” That was my gut reaction when I heard the news, as I’m sure it was for most of you. There’s been much debate already about whether or not Nintendo is making a strategically smart maneuver or simply knowing when they’re beat and stepping out of the spotlight, so as to avoid any shame. I mean, what would Nintendo talk about on a stage as big as E3 especially with no new hardware to show? How the Wii U is selling….ok? Or how about the huge list of games that are in the pipeline….for 2015?

Wait I know, they could talk about all that third party support…..they don’t have. Ok well at least they can tout how they are FINALLY in the “next-gen” console race with their first ever HD console…despite the lack of RAM..and…proper online….support. Hmmm, maybe Nintendo’s decision isn’t all that dumb after all. Given all this, I’d probably want to stay home and lick my wounds too.

Is that really the best move though? I mean, surely with all that’s been going on internally with Nintendo they could take this time to really zero in on a few things. They could use this event like it was originally designed for……to convey what’s happening with your company and generate positive buzz!! They have SOOO much to talk about. While it may not be a brand new console reveal, the way Wii U is currently being perceived (at least by the mass market), it might as well be. They should take that stage and spend a large amount of time re-sharing their vision for what the Wii U can do. Maybe even talk about some of those games that are only in the concept phase, that normally they would never reveal yet, but would really get people excited for what a Wii U is meant to be able to do as a games console. They could even follow that up with a statement along the lines of, “We are not able to share release dates with you today, but here is a look at our games lineup for the near future.” Then proceed to show game after game for the 3DS and Wii U until the end of the show. We all love new hardware, but after we’ve seen it, we always say “A console is nothing without games!” They seem to have tons of games in development, why not parade them across stage for a full hour, get 20+ games shown/mentioned/highlighted.

Furthermore, Nintendo has NEVER been very quick with their first party development cycles. How long did we wait for Skyword Sword? Now think how long it will be before the new “Zelda HD” game appears on your TV with a gamepad in hand. Nintendo is aware of how long these projects are taking and they’re doing something about it! They’ve merged offices and teams. They’ve restructured things internally in such a way to make sure they squash this issue before it gets anymore out of control. Don’t you think seeing Nintendo take the stage and describing this issue along with their actions (that have already been taken mind you) to speed up a games development time table would be a grand topic to hear more about?

The E3 platform is for more than just explosive reveals and showmanship. Nintendo is down, but they’re not out. And they seem to be taking many smart steps in the right direction, Nintendo needs to use this soapbox known as E3 and clear the air. Make it unmistakably clear why owning a Wii U is essential this holiday season. Differentiate the Nintendo name from “all the rest”. I myself am a PlayStation loyalist, have been since PS1. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love Nintendo, and think the Wii U could be freakin awesome. I mean, a place where you can get all your favorite first party Nintendo games AND all third party titles (that was the idea anyway, relationships need some patching now) how great would that be!!

But as it stands now, Nintendo won’t be doing any of that. No, they don’t have anything worth taking the stage for. They don’t have anything that makes them stand out among the rest. Probably best they don’t even go to the party, I mean, no one would wanna dance with them anyway. It’s just a stupid party. Nintendo has made bold moves before that paid off big time.

To that end though, they’ve made some colossal mistakes too that have hurt them big time. I’m sure they’ll weather this storm like any other. But if you ask me, I think it’s a mistake for Nintendo to skip E3. It shows shame and weakness in their product. They created a console that was supposed to be different, and it is! Now they’re all hurt and upset that it’s not like all the rest? I hope this only ends up on a “biggest blunders list” and not as the beginning of the end for Nintendo.

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