God of War Collection

God of War Collection Review

God of War Collection PS3
Release Date
November 17, 2009
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Bluepoint Games
PlayStation 3

Kratos is back with HD and Trophy support! Tons of action, 20+ hours of play, Challenge modes, unlockables – a – plenty, and a great value for your dollar. For those of you that didn’t get a chance to play God of War 1 & 2 the first time around on PS2, now’s your chance. Sony has bundled them together in God of War Collection for the PlayStation3 with full HD and trophy support!

Back To Greece

The game is set in ancient Greek mythology, with you playing as Kratos, a mighty Spartan warrior and pawn of the Olympian Gods. The story really is told quiet well, even for those with limited knowledge of Greek Mythology. You’re taken on a journey that’s brutal and dark, just as the time period suggests it should be. This action-packed game starts strong and never lets up.  The opening sequence has you plummeting to your death off the highest cliff, to the choppy waves and rocks below. With a brief dialog you are quickly caught up to speed with the fact that the Gods have betrayed you, all hope is lost, and death is the only escape from the madness and suffering that has become Kratos’ world. Just before impact you flash back to 3 weeks earlier. This is where you take the reins and the ferocity begins. Both GOW1 and GOW2 have excellent pacing, flowing nicely from intense battle action, to brain teasing puzzles. The story play through is about 6-8 hours in length for GOW1 and 7-9 hours for GOW2. If you’ve already played through these games before your total play time will be at the lower end of the scale, while if this is your first play through, you can definitely plan 8-10 hours per.

God of War Collection GoW2

Quick Time Events

Innovative and interactive game play elements are what make GoW standout. God of War pioneered the interactivity for action games that so many others have followed suit with. Instead of coming to an intense moment of the game and jumping to a cut-scene, God of War Collection allows you to make the action happen with a simple combination of button presses.

For example, while fighting a Cyclops, instead of just watching a cut-scene of the final blows to deliver the kill, a button pressing-kill sequence takes place. With each correct input of Square, Triangle, Circle, or “X”, as the onscreen prompt asks for, another crushing blow is performed by Kratos, granting you the immense satisfaction of actually performing the merciless kill. No longer do you simply sit and watch it take place. I can’t fully describe to you the feeling you get when properly complete the rotating analog stick sequence for ripping off the head of a stone gazing Medusa. Or rapidly tapping Circle to inch ever closer to driving the Blade of Athena into the mouth of an angry Minotaur!

This unique game play feature adds a level of interactivity to the game. Blurring the line between playing Kratos and being Kratos, that’s what God of War does! The mix is perfect and just as the enemies get tougher as you progress through the game, so do the puzzles. Once completing the main storyline both games have varying levels of difficulty to try for those GOW enthusiasts, ranging from “Easy” to “Titan” or “God Mode.” Additionally, they both have a Challenge mode, to really test your patience…I mean skill.

Now Even More Challenging

GOW1 has “Challenge of the Gods” mode. This consists of 10 separate challenges requiring you to complete certain tasks. Tasks like killing all enemies without being hit, or destroying a level of clay pots. These challenges will require you to go back through your moves-list and brush up on your killing skills in order to complete them. Oh, and did I mention that there’s no saving between challenges?

God of War Collection GoW3

If you get tired or frustrated between challenges coming back to the game later will involve you starting over from challenge number one all over again!  Likewise, GOW2 has a “Challenge of the Titans” mode. This mode consists of 7 separate challenges, but thankfully this time the developers were kind enough to let you save your progress between challenges. When your shaking with fury after dying for the umpteenth on challenge 4, you’ll be glad they gave you this option. GOW2 also includes a mode called “Arena of the Fates.” This mode lets you create a custom battle. Anything from how many enemies you face, what type they are, to how much health and magic you have.

Polygons and Texture Maps

The graphics for GOW1 and GOW2 are noticeably PS2, with GOW2 being the better of the two. In both games, some of the cut scenes were visually pleasing, while others were just horrid. Even though the games were re-mastered in HD, it still makes you grateful for the power of the PlayStation3. I do have to admit that the character animations were very well crafted, bringing Kratos to life with smooth flawlessness. The varied motions that Kratos has really heightens the anticipation of what’s happening on screen, drawing you further into the game world. Some of the effects were a bit lack luster, fire looked more like fluff and water was only denoted by dark blue with air bubbles. I suppose for the PS2 era it was right on par, but again, after playing PS3 quality games it is hard to go back.

God of War Collection Graphics Comparison

God of War Collection has extremely tight controls. There’s nothing worse than playing a game and not feeling in control of the main character due to lousy controls or bad camera work. The camera is handled by the computer which is a little strange and awkward at first, but you get comfortable with it very quickly. Not having to worry about where to position the camera frees up your time to focus on the action. The developers do a great job framing things up to really capture the moment in a way that feels natural. It doesn’t take anytime at all to forget camera controls all together.

God of War Collection
God Of War Collection
Whether you've played the God of War series before or not, there's never been a better time than now to own both these great games on one disc. The storytelling is superb and the game is pure action-packed fun. Hidden collectables and secrets make this game worth playing and replaying in order to see and do it all. If you like raining down the fury with a brutal killing machine, Kratos delivers in God of War Collection, a must own game.
HD visuals
Mini-game button sequence kills
Two great games for one price
Some cutscenes have poor quality
Special effects look weak
Final Score

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