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I should preface this by saying, that I didn’t play the original Final Fantasy XIV online before it was revamped and re-released. However, I did get the opportunity to play the beta of FFXIV A Realm Reborn. I played the beta on PC, PS3, and PS4, during the different phases. Square-Enix only allowed for a few days for each beta phase, but the last phase doesn’t carry over your progress. Each time I played I tried to sample something different, but only in little chunks. Now that I’ve had some extended time with the full game, I’m hooked pretty hard.

During my beta play-time, I was an Archer, so this time I decided to be an Arcanist (they had the Arcanist/Summoner locked out completely during the beta). FFXIV does an excellent job of getting you acclimated to the overwhelming world of an MMO. Each task you undertake has a nice tutorial pop-up to walk you through it, which is then compiled into the “Active Help” section, and can be accessed at any time if you need a refresher.

Like any MMO, your goal is to complete quests, level up, and connect with other players to run dungeons (raids). I’ve been enjoying myself so much, I haven’t been able to tear myself away long enough to post an update.

FFXIV A Realm Reborn Arcanist

A Whole New World

As I said, I chose the Arcanist as my starting class. This class eventually turns into the Summoner. Starting off, I was able to summon Carbuncle, a little blue creature to assist in my fights. The Arcanist has small burst damage, but does have Damage Over Time (DoTs) that can be added to deal greater damage over longer fights. This works especially well in the Dungeons, specifically when you get a spell called Bane. Bane is an instant cast spell, that spreads all of your DoTs to surrounding enemies. This cuts down on dungeon time considerably. I’ll start by DoTing up the mob that the tank is focused on, then punch Bane, and it all spreads to the 2-4 other mobs around him. If managed right, it can be a ton of fun to play, and super effective in a party.

Now my Arcanist has reached level 37, and I’m no longer an Arcanist, but a Summoner. Having graduated to Summoner, my first new summon-able, is a mini-Ifrit!! How great is that. I hear you’re supposed to be able to summon Titan and Garuda as well, down the road. Ifrit is the damage dealer, Titan is the tank, and Garuda is the healer. You are basically a one man army. Add in the fact that the Summoner has a few healing spells of their own, and you’re nigh unstoppable! (After reaching level 30 you get your first mount, the Chocobo, and he becomes a “companion” fighter that can fight and level by your side too. So between yourself the Summoner, your summoned pet, AND the Chocobo companion, you basically have a mini party of your own, whenever you want!)

That’s All For Now

I’d love to tell you more about all the interesting facets of the game, but just typing about it has got me itch’n to play. I’ll post an update on my adventures a little sooner next time. Stay tuned.

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