Jacob James
  • As of August 2019, I was brought on at VGChartz as a Staff Writer.
  • Reviews from VGChartz will be listed on OpenCritic, as well as here.

I’m Jacob James, happily married, and father to 3 beautiful girls. I’m as much a family man as I am a gamer. Primarily a console gamer, RPG’s are my bread and butter, though I regularly enjoy action, adventure, platformer, and strategy games. I’ll play any genre really if the game’s good, but those are my favorites. With the notable exception of all FPS. Just not a fan of the kill/death count FPS games. Never have, never will. Nothing against them or those that like ’em, just not for me.


I’ve been playing games since the Atari, but it was with the NES and SNES that I really began delving into gaming as a full blown love affair. Thinking back, I have very vivid memories of taking my Atari 2600 out into the backyard with my brothers and using it as the controls for our imaginary spaceship. Once we grew tired of that, we did what all boys do…. smashed it to bits with the baseball bat of course! Sadly, that was the end of our Atari days. As you can imagine, my dad wasn’t eager to buy us the next gaming console after what we did to our Atari.

The NES challenged me and brought me to the gaming table, but it was the SNES that really filled my plate. All the classic Mario games, and EVERYTHING from SquareSoft (particularly Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and Super Mario RPG) really engaged me in a way that I had never known on the Atari or NES. It’s all been down hill from there. Every system that came out, I had to own.

I have an A.S. degree from FullSail University in Computer Animation, so I also have a working knowledge and understanding of what it takes to make these imaginative and immersive games I spend so much of my time playing and reviewing.

Feel free to add/contact me, my console ID is Rendermonk. Thanks for visiting my site, and enjoy.

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