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11 Bit Studios brings its bleak and frozen city-building/survival game to console, with all its micromanagement glory. Frostpunk: Console Edition is a fantastic port of its PC counterpart with a clean and simple UI, and well-thought-out controls. Survival... Read More
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Indie studio, Lab Zero Games, has crafted one of the most impressive genre defying mashups to date. Indivisible mixes side-scrolling metroidvania exploration, Valkyrie Profile inspired combat, and Celeste-level platforming all into one package. Best of all, no one... Read More
PS5 Render
An update on the next-gen PlayStation 5 has been provided by Sony over on the PlayStation blog. Apparently, the PS5 will feature a new controller with haptic feedback technology and adaptive triggers. The PSBlog goes into more detail... Read More
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With tough combat, densely packed interconnected environments, hidden pathways and secrets a-plenty, Deck13 brings us its best addition to the souls-like genre yet. Keeping what worked from the first game, the limb-targeting system, The Surge 2 improves on... Read More
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Northgard is a real time strategy game set in Norse mythology. Originally released on Steam Early Access in February of 2017 and officially launching one year later on March 7th 2018. Now, in late September of 2019, Northgard... Read More
Code Vein Feature
Recently I got to spend some time with the Code Vein Demo. First announced back in April of 2017, it’s been in development for a long time. Code Vein is a “souls-like” or “souls-clone” in the vein, (wink... Read More
TGS 2109 Featured
Every September we get the E3 of Japan known as The Tokyo Game Show, TGS. As the title of the show may suggest, the majority of the content shown is Japanese market focused, or at the very least,... Read More
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Tochlight 2 Featured Image
Update 09/06/2019: A patch was released with the following fixes: – Fixed A desync issue where players sometimes don’t see the same things in multiplayer –Fixed an issue where scrolling through the stat UI highlights the wrong items and the... Read More
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Dragon Quest Builders 2 oozes charm and drips dopamine! The sequel is everything you loved from DQB1 with a host of new quality of life improvements. The addictive fun of building and creating is back as you join... Read More
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